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Mya automates the process from resume to hire so you can cultivate and engage the best candidates.

Mya will supercharge your team

Mya integrates seamlessly into your workflow and turns up the speed on the way you do menial tasks.

She's already produced great results for our customers

Here's what companies have seen after using Mya to qualify, engage and schedule candidates.

info_outline These values are based on Mya campaigns run with a sample size of at least 4000 candidates.

Mya is powered by machine learning and evolves with practice

She is trained to understand natural speech and respond with intent. Her knowledge base grows as she has different experiences with candidates.

  • She uses Natural Language Understanding to pick up on details that come up in conversation

    The NLP module consists of a deep learning based multiple Intent classifier, named entity extraction and sentence semantic analysis.

    This allows Mya to find meaningful information from the candidate's responses.

    entity matches:




  • Mya uses Dialog Management to lead the direction of the conversation

    At each point in the conversation she is processing the current state, action and result.

    Based off the candidates answer, she will evaluate relevancy to the position's requirements and determine how to proceed.




  • She employs Natural Language Generation to make her sound human

    Mya uses a realization engine to generate text from a syntactic representation.

    This is used to translate a set of abstract values into a real sentence to inform a candidate or to ask more information from them.

    • time=2017-04-30T10:00:00+01:00

    • location=”122 6th st., San Francisco, CA”

    Great, I have you scheduled for 10 AM on April 30, 2017 at 122 6th st., San Francisco, CA.

Mya works with your current system

It's easy to get started with Mya within your regular workflow. She is an addition to your existing components and seamlessly communicates between them.

Careers Site
  • Careers Site

    She begins her conversation with the candidate after they apply on your job site.

  • ATS

    Once the conversation is complete, she will send a scorecard and transcript to your applicant tracking system.

  • Calendar

    Once Mya schedules a candidate for an interview, she will update your team's calendar and notify you.

She is the vision of frictionless recruiting at scale

Here's what industry publications have written about Mya's role in the future of matching people with jobs.

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